We are in need of volunteers to make our convention a success.  There are many opportunities available from serving on the committee throughout the year to donating a few hours of your time during the convention.  If you would like to be "a part of" in some way, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  A committee member will contact you soon.


* indicates no sobriety requirements

Committee Member (see list below for open positions)

Set up (9 am - 12 pm Friday) *

Marathon Meeting Leader (4:00 pm Friday -

8:00 am Sunday; 45 minute meetings held every hour)

Registration (1-3 hour shifts, 1 pm Friday - 9:45 am Sunday; 

monitor Registration table and provide convention information)

Carry the Message (provide convention information

to meetings/groups in High Desert and Southern CA) * 

Hospitality (1-3 hour shifts, 1 pm Friday -

12 pm Sunday;  monitor Hospitality Room)

Host/Hostess (1-3 hour shifts, Friday - Sunday;  greet at

front door, Banquet usher, and/or event door security) *

T-Shirt Sales (Friday - Sunday, 1-3 hour shifts) •

50/50 and Raffles (Friday - Sunday, 1-3 hour shifts)

Clean up (12 pm - finish Sunday) *

Sunshine of the Spirit - High Desert Convention

Volunteer Form

* * * Complete all fields below then hit SUBMIT * * *

Thank you for volunteering to be of service. A committee member will contact you soon.

2022 AA Board of Directors

Board of Directors' Chairperson
2018 Chairperson - Melissa S
2019 Chairperson - Carol W
2022 Chairperson - Jennifer P
2022 Co-Chairperson - Heather T
2022 Secretary - Christina B
2022 Member-at-Large - Kim W
 Member-at-Large - Lindsey M

2022 AA Committee Members

Chairperson - Jennifer P
Co-Chairperson - Heather T
Treasurer - Carol W
Co-Treasurer - Joe T
Secretary - Christina B
Co-Secretary - Blanche P
Registrar - Cindy H
Co-Registrar - Monica D
Archivist - Jerry M
Carry the Message - Shannon W
Decorations - Roxanna F
Entertainment - Gina B
Golf Tournament - Robert P
General Service Meeting - Lesliee A
H&I Meeting - Bryan J
Hospitality - Alicia
Hostesses - Christina B
Hosts - Carl M, Mark C
Long Timers Meeting - Beka M
Marathon Meetings - Bill C
Poker Run - Joe C, Jerry M
Printing - Nick K
Programs - Garrett G, Jerry M
PI/Social Media - Carol W
Speaker Host - Scott C
T-Shirts - Maribel L
Volunteers - Rick G
50/50 and Raffles - Melissa S